Annual Day

The Annual Day was celebrated by exhibiting a sterling performance portraying the inspirational story of King David, one of the greatest kings in history, who won the honor not because he was a successful king but because of his love for God, humility, and genuine repentance of his sins. The colorful extravaganza with the participation of students from all classes in the form of singing, dancing, and theatrics, was punctuated by cheers and loud applause from the audience in the Talkatora Stadium. The two-day event graced by the presence of a galaxy of dignitaries also facilitated its young academic and co-curricular achievers.

Chief Guest on Nov 28

Mr. C. Lalrosanga, Member of Parliament 

Releasing the  School Magazine


Chief Guest on Nov 29

Dr. Mohan Chacko, President, CES


Felicitations by

Guest of Honour Mr. C.Sundaraj,

Hon. Treasurer,  CES

Dr. V. K. Williams,

Director Mount Carmel Schools

Dr. L. Pulamte,

Honorary Chairman of

Faith Academy Managing Committee


The Shepherd King


The story of King David takes place around 1000 BC. As a shepherd, he enjoyed playing on the harp and taking care of his sheep. But God had a greater plan when he brought down the Philistine army by killing their giant Goliath with a sling and a stone. David was anointed as the second King to rule Israel and he established Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which remains to date. He reigned for 40 years which is called by many, “The Golden Age” of Israel. David wrote over 70 Psalms of great inspiration, praise, and worship, the most popular all over the world for centuries is Psalm 23, which helped numerous people to find comfort, physical and emotional healing. 

His love for God was exemplary so also his repentance when he committed sin. He knew that God will not despise a broken spirit and a broken and contrite heart. No wonder God forgave him and called him ‘a man after my own heart’. As God promised, Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind, was born in the family of David and thus was known as the Son of David.

Rishab Nagpal

As Eliah

I just aimed to improve my performance and be better.

It was a memorable journey which I will never forget.

Krrish Sehgal

As Ozem

Standing there, listening and delivering the dialogues really helped me imagine what the mighty and courageous David did out there in the battlefield.

Reuben George

As David

Enacting David was thrilling. What struck a chord within me was how the play did not focus on the theatrics but on showing the life of a true servant of God.

Nakul Ghai

As Prophet Nathan

I got to learn many new things related to delivering my dialogues.

I was very happy as my performance was appreciated by everyone.

Surender Kumar

As Jonathan

I am really thankful to all the teachers who put their hard work in

us and made us perform so well. I really enjoyed this wonderful journey.

Vansh Saini

As Goliath

Our teachers always encouraged us to give our best shot.

Since I was performing the negative character Goliath, it was hard for me to get the correct accent and of course that laughter. It was a wonderful experience.

Niharika Nayan Jha


This will always remain one of the best experiences of my school

life and I will cherish all that  I learned during the process.