-Vaishnavi Srivastava X-A

You call them names,

Thinking it’s just fun and games.

You say harsh words,

Leaving their minds disturbed.

You also punch and slap and smack

Not thinking once before you attack.


You cause them shame,

And they hold themselves to blame.

You make them feel worthless, 

For you are blinded by your own bitterness.

The effects of your deeds so inhumane,

Leads them into excruciating pain.


The abuse needs to cease,

The hearts of all should be at ease.

Kindness must be learned and preached,

Genuine smiles on the face of each.

Healthy minds shall bear in time to come,

An abuse free place the world will then become.


Moments of Introspection

-Garima XB

Imagine! Something strange just entering your house without your permission. Isn’t it so similar to the condition that we all are facing today in our lives? Some say, it’s the “revenge of nature” and also believe it to be so, while others consider it as a myth. 

The crucial role to play is to seriously take up the responsibility to preserve and conserve nature which is much lacking.  People say, “nature gives but doesn’t demand” which is so totally untrue! Everything in nature- trees, birds, hills, etc need proper nourishment and care.

Abraham Lincoln says, “ you cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”. It is Today, it is Now, that we need to take a stand. Plant more trees and restrict the cutting of trees and also stop human activities that are posing a threat to the environment. 


We need to respect nature and take initiative to work with full fervor. Remember, “with great power comes great responsibility.” I am ready to make a difference, Are You?

2 Roshni Samanta VII-B FAII.jpg

Roshni Samanta, VII-B


-Vaishnavi Srivastava X-A

You’re made up with what’s in your head, 

And not by the physical flesh.

You’re built with those

awesome thoughts,

And not by the face you’ve got.

That body of yours might rot,

But that beautiful soul

would rock non-stop.

Darling, you’re an extraordinary

piece of art,

You’re awesome, you’re strong,

you’re smart.

Mirror Mirror

On The Wall

-Priya Tripathi, XII-A

In my best attire here I stand,

I did want to look so grand

Thought I to myself

She too did it herself!!


Wondering you must be, who is she?

Who could this great personality be?

She is so pretty, so very beautiful,

My sweet mum she is so wonderful!


Hope you find in me no error,

Am I a reflection of her, oh mirror!

It is you who can tell the truth to me,

Like her I so much want to be!


Mirror mirror on the wall,

You are so much admired by all!

Do you think I am the sweetest,

I just want to look the cutest!!!

National Education Policy 2020

Sanya Sharma, XII-A

Education is a very powerful medium to grow in life and perceive something important. In a person’s life, education benefits a lot in decreasing the difficulties of a hard life. The expertise obtained through the education era encourages everybody regarding their life. Education opens several doors for possibilities to obtain more real prospects in life to improve career growth. 

The government is also arranging various policies and one such is National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). Recently, NEP 2020 was announced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The policy is aimed at transforming the Indian education system to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

The new policy seems to include the reservation of poor literacy and numeracy outcomes associated with primary schools, reduction in dropout levels in middle and secondary schools, and adoption of a multi-disciplinary approach in the higher education system.

Apart from this, the policy also focuses on early childhood care, restricting curriculum and pedagogy; reforming assessments and exams, and investing in teacher training, and broad-basing their appraisal.

Though NEP 2020 seeks to bring a holistic change in the education system of India, its success depends on the will and way in which it will be implemented.

Thoughts on Zoom Classes

“Zoom classes are much fun to me and I’m enjoying them thoroughly. They are very interactive and interesting too. I’m studying and learning new things.”




“With zoom classes, we are able to continue our studies even in this pandemic, when schools all over are shut down.”




“All the teachers teach us so well. They keep us engaged by sharing their beautiful presentations or videos through screen share. I attend all my classes regularly.”


Mohammad Anas Mir


“ Video presentations have made learning more interactive and easy to comprehend. Personal attention from every teacher makes it even more interesting. ”


Devansh Pawar


Unexpected Arrival

Shreyashi Kanji , V-D

We can’t go to malls,


Nor can we go to waterfalls.


Oh my ! This virus is so scaring,


With its wicked eyes it seems to be glaring!


If you plan to go out, think twice,


Wear your mask, wash your hands thrice!


COVID-19 is the name,


Of  late it has gained much fame!


Sincerely follow the given instruction,


If normally you want your life to function!

“ Online PTM was also facilitated by the school for interaction with parents and to give an over-all update of our performance.”


Arnav Swain



Tanishq R Sreeju, III-A


Tanishq R Sreeju  IIIA

I am an astronaut. I was trained for four months to go to “planet Bolt”. Bolt, the newly discovered planet is a thousand light-years away from the Earth. It was on a Sunday that I had to go to the planet Bolt. That Saturday night a frog came in when a snake chased it. It jumped right into the pocket of my spacesuit. The frog could not go out and the snake could not catch it anymore, so the frog stayed there. I did not know that. The next day, Sunday, I ran into my super spacecraft wearing the same spacesuit with the froggy in it. After it took off, I communicated “reaching Bolt in ten minutes” as I saw planet Bolt through the windshield of the spacecraft. Then I landed on Bolt. I was super excited as I would become the first one to land on planet Bolt. When the door opened I took a selfie. Just then the froggy jumped out of my pocket before I stepped on planet Bolt!

And it was not me who stepped on planet Bolt first,

but a Froggy!


Priya Tripathi  XII-A

A child resides for nine months in a mother’s womb safe and sound, 

My journey of six years in Faith Academy is so beautiful and so profound.


Whatever I’m today and will be in my future, professor or a doctor, 

It's all because of Faith Academy, it has been my founder.  

My school gave me a lovely welcome but now it's going to be the toughest goodbyes,

The very thought of Farewell overwhelms my heart and with tears, it fills my eyes.  

These memories of the past six years will always be in my heart,   They will keep me knit together even when I am miles apart.  

Faith Academy has nurtured my talents to be a colourful rainbow, 

So blessed I am, my feelings of gratitude do so visibly flow.


Faith Academy is my pride,  

My teachers have been my mentor and my guide. 


It is here I began my journey,  

And am soon set to leave with my heart so heavy!  

I part with a hope that one day we’ll meet again,  

Though it does seem to be unbearable pain.  

The friends I made here will be my life support forever,  

They have been with me in every endeavour.  

Faith Academy, I salute you for what you have moulded me to be, 

No words to express what each one here means to me!


Dhruv Yadav, IX- B

Fight the tide,

To complete the ride.

To reach your goal,

Though you be the only soul.

Fight the tide,

God is by your side.

Don’t lose hope,

Defeat has no scope.

The tide may be strong, 

Victory will be your song.

Fight the Tide,

While in God you Abide!




French Articles



Koheli Mantri, - VIII-B

La diversité culturelle de la France a été façonnée par la géographie et les événements historiques. La France a été une grande influence pour la mode, le cinéma, la cuisine, la littérature, les sciences sociales et les mathématiques pour le monde. La France est une plaque tournante des marques de mode telles que chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. Les français célèbrent leurs fêtes avec de plates et du vin traditionnels. La culture française est très riche et diversifiée.


-Srishti Prabudh Kumar, IX-A

Mon mentor, mon professeur, mon ami, mon parent, mon conseiller et tout la reste. Oui je parle de Derrick monsieur. Celui que m’a fait croire que je peux tout faire et m’a fait me sentir spécial. Qui était avec moi et m’aidait tard dans la nuit en prenant son temps personnel. Merci monsieur d’être avec moi dans les moments le plus difficiles de ma vie.



Garima, X-B

Regardez quelque chose est commun autour. Qui ressemble juste à une Couronne semble covid que cela puisse paraître. Ne soyez pas anxieux, pas même foncer.

Parlez un masque, tout le monde dit assistants même, un grand rôle qu’ils jouent si vous avez pris froid, ne vous inquiétez pas et soyez audacieux, chercher un médecin et chante une chanson souviens-toi que ça ne durerait pas longtemps.