Pratham Taneja XI C.








Diya Joseph XI C

“God is always with us and will give

us the grace to face every

calamity and hardship.”

It has been 3 months since I have been in lockdown. I sincerely never thought that such a time would come in my life where I won’t be allowed to move out of my house. Looking back, I still remember being quite excited as I was busy preparing for my last Board exam which was computer. I had already made plans to go out with my friends after our exams, call them to my home … but that was when my dad called me, and told me not to study anymore because the government had called for a lockdown. My heart skipped a beat and my eyes were filled with tears; I just didn’t understand why there was a lockdown imposed just one day before my last exam, and it hurted me even more, thinking about the fact that we had to wait till the lockdown is over , just to write that one final exam.

Now thinking about all of this makes me realise how selfish I was. I never really understood the depth of this virus attack, until news started reporting deaths from across the world. As I looked at the cases, it just felt like numbers to me and I was quite shocked by the fact that a lot of people lost their lives and many more were losing theirs. All this, as I was sitting still angry at the fact that my last exam did not take place.

Finally, all thanks to the government, they cancelled our last exam. All these made me realise how  I was only concerned for myself, while I never seemed to care about the millions of people who were just losing their lives like a chaff  blown in the wind.

Even though this lockdown is boring and might seem never ending, it does give me many opportunities to develop myself rather than sitting in one corner and grumbling. It gives me reasons to thank GOD for giving me good health and teaches me to be thankful for every small little thing around me. It has taught me to cherish  relationships!

Therefore, in this lockdown let us not be sad or angry of the fact that we cannot go out, rather let us find ways to be thankful to GOD for keeping us safe, healthy, but much more, He has taught us to be concerned for others.

Anshuman Chamoli IV C

Coronavirus has made the whole world stay at home. We children found it difficult not going to school. But ZOOM app has made it easier for us. This app brings our teachers to our homes. We are so grateful to our teachers for all their hard work. This year we got to spend a lot of time with our parents. So, there is definitely something good even in the bad things.

Siddhant Kathuria, V-A

My first confusion was about our final exams. I wondered if the exams will be postponed or we will be promoted to our next class directly. I got relieved when we got the message from school that I had been promoted. I missed school and friends. But then I understood that online classes will be conducted through zoom. My mother taught me to use the application. I was happy to see my friends and teachers live on the laptop. Attending classes on zoom is a new and an interesting experience. We also have learnt to live without junk food. I hope and pray that scientists will soon come out with the vaccine for corona virus and we will start living as before.

Pratham Taneja XI-C



As we all know that to survive in this world of people with a modern lifestyle, there is a need to earn a living for ourselves and our families. Money has become the foremost priority in people's lives. To earn money, people are ready to cross any limits  without even thinking of the right or the wrong. Considering the wrong practices, today's generation is affected vastly due to its consequences. Whether it is bullying, drug dealing, or sexual assault, the majority of victims are teenagers. There are many youngsters who can be a victim as well as culprit in such matters. 

These days it has become quite easy to influence teenagers to make them a part of drug dealing. Either adults get them involved or their own friends. Children get addicted to drugs and their business which makes them fall deep into a trap that is hard to come out from. It affects their health causing physical and mental weakness like headaches, depression, and anxiety. Drugs can also cause heart problems by increasing blood pressure. It also affects the brain of the child which is under development. Bringing up the issue of sexual assault, teenagers, especially girls undergo such suffering. It is a shameful act of molesting teenagers sexually against their will. Companions mock and bully each other, mainly their juniors for entertainment which spurs them a mental breakdown. The saddest part is that their parents have no idea what is going on with their child.

The key to deducting this trouble is awareness. Educating teenagers through workshops in schools and their conversation with parents is the way to solve the problem of obliviousness. Explaining to children why such matters can't be ignored is important. Teenagers must know that this is a crucial problem that they can have and must discuss this with a trustworthy elder person if facing any difficulty regarding this. To explain it to them in a way they would understand better, films related to such matters should be shown to them. Giving examples of real-life cases will create an impact on their minds.

All of this should be done so that our youth is safe and aware of the happenings in their surroundings and know how to deal with it.


Paarth Anand V D

O dirty Corona when will you end?

I want to go out and play with my friends,

You are here, there and everywhere,

Old, young or small, you don’t care.

O God please bring this to an end,

We children want to have some fun.

I promise we will take good care of nature,

I pray that Corona goes away forever.

Janelle Imelda X B




Neha Nanda X C

This lockdown is really teaching me a lot, from cooking to importance of my friends. It seems like years since when we last met. I miss the way we used to eat together in the break, the way we all fought for badminton rackets and basketball games  during our P.T period, how we sometimes slept during the class and later realized that the teacher is waiting for us to wake up, the way we all used to go together after the school got over, not doing the given homework and then hiding from the teacher when she arrived in the class or making lame excuses like- ‘Ma’am, it rained yesterday ,so my notebooks are all wet”, the screeching of the chalks, the stumping of the duster on the teachers table to make the class quiet, and if I make a list of all the things that I miss, then maybe, my article would need more space.   

I remember the last day, when we all wrote our answers in the answer sheets and were waiting for the bell to ring, while some only wished to get  more time to write more points. As the bell rang, our papers were timely submitted and everyone could see big smiles on each other’s faces. We all went out of the class, and unexpectedly saw more and more friends oozing out from the classrooms. The whole corridor was buzzing with students. We all thought about our results for a brief moment. Our thoughts were accompanied by the new changes we all will see from the next session- we will have different time-table, different notebooks , we will have new school hours and a more enthusiastic choir, more competitive athletes and many more things which were racing in our thoughts. 

Let me come to the reality now, it’ been month’s since I’ve seen my friends. When I first heard about the lockdown, I felt as if someone was actually putting water over my dreams. But I had to intake the fact that this virus will take a long time to recover. We all have to wait till the situation becomes normal. All that we have right now is-HOPE. Hope for others safety, hope for others health, hope for every teacher and student to stay healthy, hope for a cure.

In the end I would like to quote Desmond Tutu-“Hope is being able to see light despite of all the darkness”.

Amrita Singhal III A

What makes me feel bad is that I am not able to go to the park to play or meet my friends. My favourite malls and restaurants are closed. I cannot go to different places. But on the other hand, I get different dishes prepared at home and we play together as a family. And l understand that lockdown is needed for our own safety.

Kanav Sharma III A

Though we miss going to school, teachers are helping us finish our syllabus through online classes. My routine has completely changed during the lockdown. I exercise regularly which helps me to de-stress and relax. I also am trying my hand at gardening. I have a few plants. Waiting for things to get normal again.

I Miss My School

Harmaneet Kaur  IV D

Missing those days when Sundays were fun days, 

Missing my classroom nap, and the then boring uniform indeed.

Missing that unadjustable tie that I didn’t know how to tie.

I miss my favorite teachers, and those who scolded us,

Missing the time of recess, when we shared our lunch.

Missing those dragging ‘Goood morning Ma’ams’.

This time of lockdown has made us realize,

What a wonderful time we have in our regular school.

Devansh Negi V D

School from home is a different experience. We wake up late and attend classes. I learn so many new things and play indoor games with my family. I also love calling my friends and relatives on the phone.

Neriah Issac  IV-A

I miss my school very much. I miss the school van, my teachers and my friends. One day I could not attend my online classes because of network issues and I was very sad. I missed the online classes during our summer vacations. I want this covid-19 to go so that the schools will reopen and I can start meeting everyone.

Varnit Verma V-D

Catching up with friends through video calls, playing video games with my sister and friends online, helping mom with cooking, dusting and moping have become our new order of living. My sister and I bake different kinds of cakes. We remind each other to keep washing hands, using masks while going out for groceries and sanitizing whenever possible. Teachers also prepare and teach us with videos and PPTs.

The beautiful world that Lord has made!

Neriah Issac IV-A

The beautiful sky is above our head. We did not invent it but our Lord invented it. We did not invent the earth. But our Lord created the beautiful sky, the grass, the earth, the sun, the birds, the animals and the people. God’s beautiful world needed people: people to look after it, people to enjoy it. People who could think and feel like God and make things too. So God made the first man and the first woman, to look after the world and one another, and to love God. The man was called Adam and the woman was called Eve. I love God and this beautiful world.

"Reviving nature"

Aanya Talwar X E

We suffer from many diseases mainly because of an increase in pollution in our environment. Pollution has led to Asthma, poor vision, and many other respiratory issues. But we human beings have adjusted ourselves to a polluted environment and accepted it as part of our daily lives. But the sudden spread of COVID 19 has led to a complete lockdown, worldwide.


Nature is recovering. The skyline is becoming clearer, the rivers are visibly purer, and the once endangered flora and fauna are now coming back to life.


In my own house, my sweet little three- year old cousin who has always been having a cold and cough since her birth, has finally got rid of it. This lockdown has also been a blessing to me as I always use to feel itchy eyes and had sneezing problem whenever I returned home from somewhere out, but now these lockdown months have proved that all that was not the inbuilt defect of my body rather it was the pain that I had to bear because of environmental pollution, for which Delhi is well known.


Thanks to the famous Corona Virus, I mean COVID 19 for making us experience life free from pollution as it would not have been possible to stop the human race otherwise.


So I suggest, don’t let Mother nature become a "Once Upon a Time".


Pratham Taneja XI C

The Positive Side of COVID-19

Neha Nanda  X C

As we all know about the pandemic the world is facing, we all have our own opinions about it. The government has announced a nation-wide lockdown. And this lockdown is not only for India but for most of the countries. There has been tremendous breakdown in our country’s economy as well as in the country’s energy consumption level.      

Just as the saying goes “Everything has its UPs and DOWNs”, the same goes for this pandemic as well. We, as usual are concentrating only on the black side. But have we ever tried to look at the bright side? 

We are getting sufficient sleep- well for those children who found it difficult to wake up early during regular school days, they have sufficient time now to enjoy in bed. Eating healthy home-cooked food is another benefit.

We also find time for work-out and the quality of family time has improved. This lockdown will definitely teach us a lot, even if we are unwilling to learn from it. This pandemic has given us a chance to see a new phase of life. All we have to do is, wait patiently. 

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